by the [law-rah] collective

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"incarnation" is an exceptional piece of work by the [law-rah] collective a.k.a. Bauke van der Wal. Massive deep drones and thick analog vibrations make excellent contrasts against high frequency "audio matter" throughout the nine tracks on this CD.

While most of the tracks are somewhat minimal, they do not lack power or presence. The aural territory explored on "incarnation" has tremendous power and presence. The strong tones and drones speak with authority and create a very surreal playground for the mind.

"incarnation" makes you feel very small and insignificant, as if there is so much more that we could know, if only we were tuned to the proper frequencies.

The subtlety with which he manipulates the sound stage is nothing short of amazing. The [law-rah] collective carries the soul on a relentless journey of transformation and evolution, shearing away the trappings of our everyday reality and exposing the raw nerves of pain, darkness, decay, indifference, lust, disassociation, and so much more

It is nothing short of evolution that "incarnation" asks from the listener, yet the tools for such an evolution are provided by the very sounds that demand it. Not to say that this album is only appealing to the high-browed, though it is extraordinarily stimulating from an intellectual perspective, it is far more emotional, soulful, and sensual than intellectual. It is the stuff we... will be made of....


released March 29, 2001

Originally released on Possessive Blindfold
Sounds for 'incarnation 8' created in collaboration with Jonas Lindgren



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the [law-rah] collective Utrecht, The Netherlands

expect the unexpected, and even then you're way off ...

the [law-rah] collective is a (mostly) utrecht-based collective of artists working with words, sounds, rhythm, structure, chaos and anything we can get our hands on.

in the field of electronic music active since 2001, but the first seeds were planted in 1993.

"i wonder what the future holds"
- the sky's gone out, bauhaus
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